Vision Necklace

Vision Necklace


The Vision Necklace is used to amplify vibrations and rid you of anxiety and stress. Visualization is a technique for creating images, or animations to communicate a message to the universe. Visualize what you wish to see your higher self as - whether its getting that job, losing your stress, driving that dream car, or acing that test. Visualize it. Visualization has been an effective way to communicate both abstract and concrete ideas since the dawn of humanity. Visualization is a mindfulness technique on its own, but you can also use it to enhance regular meditation. Adding visualization into your meditation mix allows you to better direct your relaxed mind toward specific outcomes you'd like to see.


Please keep in mind that no two crystals are alike, the stone you recieve may slighlty very opposed to the one in the product photo. 



  • Material

    Gold Plated Brass

  • Stone

    Purple Aura Quartz

  • Length


  • Healing Properties

    Angel Aura is highly rejuvenating, enhancing ones ability to feel at peace. Angel Aura emits calmness and tranquillity and accentuates the beauty within, and the beauty of nature. Angel Aura Quartz assists with past life recall and the releasing of karmic debts.