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Fruits and Roots Cafe, Newtown, CT

Taylor Soul Designs also travels around locally to markets and fairs. Follow our Instagram page @taylorsouldesigns to be updated on upcoming events. 

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Camel Charm Bracelets

Taylor Soul Designs has teamed up with Camel Milk Cooperative in creating pieces that are not only adorable but also help benefit the camels. 

Camel Milk is naturally comprised of an amazing array of ingredients, including unique proteins and nutrients which make it a perfect milk alternative, and also a base component for skin care and nutraceutical products.

The Camel Milk Cooperative" (the “Coop”) was created by a father & son duo to bring camel milk to the US consumer utilizing best practices in the emerging US camel dairy market. In doing so, we also bring equity and fairness to the camel dairy industry to ensure that camel dairy farmers can continue to build herds, raise and milk camels in a financially and environmentally sustainable manner.

These colorful beaded camel bracelets provide strong energies healing energy throughout your day. The essence of long-distance travel is at the symbolic heart of the camel. Camels are designed to take on challenges of long-distance journeying over harsh terrain. From an energetic or spiritual standpoint, camels are equipped in superior ways for the long haul. With the comfortable elastic fit, use this bracelet to keep strong energetic vibrations to assist you on your journey.