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about the creator



Taylor Soul Designs is run, owned, and created by Taylor Onze of Southbury, CT. Jewelry making has been a life long passion of hers for a very long time now. Over the years, she's proudly grown into a highly trusted creative designer with a dedicated following of loyal customers. Taylor has always been around energy healers growing up and constantly able to share her light with others. She puts her hard work into her jewelry making, in hopes that each piece spreads the positive vibes she wishes to put into the world. 


It could be her gorgeous collections or affordable prices, but what really sets her apart is her customer service and outstanding passion to spread positive energies around the world. She knows jewelry shopping can be intimidating, which is why she works hard to provide a friendly, no-pressure approach that makes the purchasing process a breeze.

setting the intention

Each creation at Taylor Soul Designs is crafted with intention, love, and healing energy, ensuring that the wearer can always experience its profound impact. The transformative power embedded in our designs has the potential to positively influence your energy. Our mission is to infuse positivity into your journey through authentic crystals that accompany you every step of the way. Choose the best for yourself, because you truly deserve it. We inspire women to set high standards, as it establishes the tone for the respect and treatment they deserve.

Taylor Soul Designs

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