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Gold Biwa Pearl Dangle Earrings

'Angel' Gold Biwa Pearl Dangle Earrings


Introducing our Gold Biwa Pearl Dangle Earrings, a stunning and distinctive addition to your jewelry collection, exclusively at Taylor Soul Designs. Meticulously crafted, these earrings feature unique gold hoops adorned with lustrous Biwa pearls, creating an elegant and one-of-a-kind accessory.


The Gold Biwa Pearl Dangle Earrings showcase a design that merges modern aesthetics with the timeless beauty of Biwa pearls. Each hoop is thoughtfully embellished with the organic and irregular shapes of Biwa pearls, adding a touch of natural elegance. The combination of gold and Biwa pearls creates a captivating contrast, making these earrings a statement piece for any occasion.


Wear these earrings to express your individual style and appreciation for nature's beauty or pair them with other gold accessories for a coordinated ensemble. The secure closures ensure comfort and durability, allowing you to showcase these earrings with confidence.


At Taylor Soul Designs, we prioritize quality craftsmanship, and the Gold Biwa Pearl Dangle Earrings reflect our commitment to excellence. Each Biwa pearl is carefully selected for its unique shape and luster, while the gold hoops are expertly crafted to ensure a polished finish, creating a pair of earrings that stands out with unparalleled elegance.


Indulge in the distinctive allure of the Gold Biwa Pearl Dangle Earrings, exclusively available at Redefine your earring collection with this unique and versatile pair that seamlessly combines the boldness of hoop design with the organic beauty of Biwa pearls. Elevate your style with earrings that capture the essence of individuality and refinement found in every creation at Taylor Soul Designs.

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  • Stone

    Biwa Pearls

  • Metal

    14K Gold Filled

  • Other Information

    Pearls represent wisdom gained through experience. The gems of the sea are believed to offer protection to the wearer, as well as attract good luck and wealth. Moreover, pearls speak of the wearer's purity and integrity.

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